Self-Sufficiency Calculator

Need help figuring out an overall budget and cost of living for yourself and your family?

The Self Sufficiency Calculator is here to assist you in measuring how much income is needed for all types of families ranging from a one person household to a large family. This tool calculates your budget and cost of living based on your family's basic living expenses, the unique and individual family make-up and where you live. With the simple use of the calculator we provide for you, even non-members are able to get results to help you better understand what will be needed for your family's sufficiency.


Workforce Employment Solution Member Benefits

As a member of Workforce Employment Solution, users are able to have more detailed information and customize their results! Once filled out, staff members at Workforce will be able to assist users with finding programs that lead you and your family into making progress on the path to economic Self Sufficiency.

Adequate: to be able to live or function without help or support from others. This calculator can help you with an overall budget, show you the budget standard approximation and cost of living.
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